Meet the Amma Birth Companions

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

In September, our first-ever group of Amma birth companions completed two weeks of trauma-informed birth training. Now, they're ready to support vulnerable women in Glasgow facing pregnancy and birth alone.

When we started the process of recruiting our volunteer birth companions, we weren't sure what to expect. Would anyone be interested in the role? What sort of people would we meet along the way? Would people truly understand and appreciate the importance of what we're trying to achieve through Amma?

As it turned out, we managed to find a team of 15 incredibly passionate women—each of whom share a commitment to improving birth outcomes and experiences for vulnerable mothers.

Not all are pictured, but here are a few of our birth companions and mentors

From the moment they walked through the classroom doors at Glasgow Caledonian University—about to embark on two weeks of intensive training—our birth companions established an instant rapport with one another.

It was truly amazing to see that, despite their diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests, their motivation to help others became the thread that connected them all.

Over the course of the two-week training period, our birth companions learned about everything from how to provide birth support to survivors of sexual assault to how to work alongside interpreters. Their training also covered human rights in childbirth. postnatal care, boundaries and confidentiality, and safeguarding processes for both children and adults.

We're so grateful to welcome these women to the Amma team to have such a close-knit, dedicated group of individuals helping us to achieve our mission.

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