Fri, Feb 18 | 249 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 1HJ, UK

Firewalk for Amma

Take on the ultimate fundraising challenge and achieve the impossible by walking over burning coals. This empowering experience is a real test of mind over matter. As you face the heat, you'll be raising money to provide vital support to people who are facing even bigger challenges in everyday life.
Firewalk for Amma

Time & Location

Feb 18, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
249 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 1HJ, UK

About the Event

What is Firewalking? 

It's the practice of walking barefoot on hot embers. A Blaze Firewalk is designed to help transform fear and  to inspire people to do things they didn't think possible, It can show you that there is more to reality than you  think, that many limitations we experience in life are self-imposed. Can you imagine how great it would feel when you are able to overcome your self-limiting beliefs? 

So much more than just a Firewalk... 

Blending no-nonsense, easily explainable scientific principals with proven motivational skills, it will take  walkers from chewing their fingernails, wondering why on earth they ever agreed to do a firewalk, to wanting  to take that first step (quickly followed by many others) onto the fire lane. 

Please note: It is essential that all walkers listen to and take part in the training prior to the firewalk.

What happens on the night? 

As restrictions allow, we’ll be inside for the pre-firewalk training,  in a large, well ventilated area. The training is based around proven motivational and psychological methods. It doesn’t involve any elements  of hypnosis, spiritual training, ‘brainwashing’, voodoo or any similar methodologies. It’s great fun and not only  will it help you with your firewalk these are exercises that you can do at any time in your life when you need  some oomph.  The instructor is a world class authorised Blaze ’Fire Master’ Instructor who has undergone a minimum of  200 separate firewalking events at different locations at different times of the year and with varying weather  conditions as part of the Blaze fire team before being invited to train as a Blaze Instructor.

Why should I do this? 

We all face things we are uncertain about. Use this event to set up resources that  will always be available for you. If you can conquer fear in the very real form of walking across hot embers, then you can use this experience for any other situations in the future. And you'll be raising much needed funds for Amma Birth Companions!

Do I have to do it if I sign up now? 

No. You may decide not to walk at any time. It is much more courageous  to take that decision on the night than it is to be swept along with the body of feeling at the time. 

Are there age limits? 

The minimum age is 14 years of age; parental consent is required for 14/15-year-olds.  There is no upper age limit. The oldest person that has firewalked with us was 89 years young. 

Does it hurt? 

We wouldn’t firewalk if it were painful, that’s why we don’t do lego walks… they hurt, every  single step is painful! Everyone’s firewalking experience is unique. There are physical reasons why  firewalking is possible. These will be explained during the training. We’ll also tell you about firewalking  myths…. there lots of them. The hardest thing to overcome is the fear of taking the first step as it is a new  experience! 

What does it feel like? 

Several people don’t remember having any physical sensation at all about the  experience. Some say it was cold, some say it was warm. Our favourite was that it felt ‘fluffy’.

What do you burn? 

We burn wood, which is broken down into a smooth path of embers 20’ long by 2’wide. 

Is it real fire? 

Yes, burning at an average temperature of 1236 degrees Fahrenheit! To put it into perspective:  paper combusts at 451 degrees Fahrenheit, aluminium melts at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit! If you’re worrying about catching covid from walking on the firelane after other people have walked barefoot,  covid is destroyed with temperatures above 50’C. Your tootsies are safe! 

Do I walk on a flaming fire? 

No, you walk on the fire bed itself, by the time you come out of the training  seminar the fire will have burnt down to embers. If there are any flames they will be down the sides of the fire  lane. 

What happens if I stop halfway through? 

Don’t worry, you won’t! There will be someone walking beside  you. We all need help and support at some points of our lives, we’ll support you on your firewalk. 

Do I have to run? 

Not at all, running pushes your feet deeper into the embers. A quick walking pace is  sufficient. You’ll be shown the correct pace in the training. 

What happens if it rains? 

We get wet. Provisions are made for all types of weather conditions and if the wood is kept dry prior to lighting, the event  will go ahead. 

What’s the best thing to wear on the night? 

There are no special requirements regarding clothing. Casual clothing is best, in light colours which photograph better. You'll be walking barefoot, so all footwear needs to be removed  before the walk itself - your feet are going to be sooty afterwards.  As we’re going to be outside, please wear layers to keep warm. Bring a brolly and a facemask. 

I have a medical condition; will I be able to firewalk? 

We do everything we can to be as inclusive as  possible. If you need support when walking on the firewalk, that is what we are here for. One of the Blaze  team walks beside every firewalker. We can have someone on either side if you wish. If we need to adapt  the firewalk to enable you to take part, we can talk about all the options. We’ve had people taking part in our  firewalks that were often told they wouldn’t be able to take part in other activities.  We all need help and support at times in our lives, we’ll support you every step of the way during your firewalk. If you have questions, get in touch... 

I’m pregnant, can I take part? 

Congratulations, that’s lovely! All that we will be physically doing in the  training is standing up, sitting down and practising the correct pace to walk when firewalking, so if you're fit and well, you can absolutely take part. 

How much money do I have to raise?

There's no target, but we'd love you to raise as much as you can. We're here to help with your fundraising. Once you sign up, we'll give you a call to help you get started. 

I need more information...

If you have any questions or worries, just get in touch. Call Abigail on 07727 613 395 or email her on 


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